The Jodocy & Schmitz, Computergestützte Systemanalyse AG company (J&S) is developing since 1989 professional computer application software for professional competition engine and car builders.

There are actually
three software packages:

  • SIMOTTO, which deals with the simulation and optimisation of the gas exchanges within four stroke engines.

  • SimOLap, which deals with the simulation and optimisation of the car geometry, aerodynamics and gearbox for given engine and track characteristics.

  • SimOCam, which helps the user to design interactively optimised cam outlines for the valve lift controls.

All three packages are
linked together, as they access the same database.

So if the user has improved, for instance, his cam outline using
SimOCam in order to get the best of it, while limiting the Hertzian pressure, he can use the resulting valve lift lobe as an input in SIMOTTO for predicting the power curve of his engine.  Finally he should use this calculated power curve as an input for SimOLap, in order to improve the gear box ratios of his racing car gearbox, to achieve the fastest turns in Spa-Francorchamps.